Making Chattanooga the first American National Park City

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Chattanooga translates to “rock rising to a point.” For us, and for those who have dwelled in this area for millennia, it means a place where people and nature converge. This convergence defines our way of life. We aspire to nurture these inherent strengths in a deliberate way that ensures every Chattanoogan reaps the rewards of residing in a city that embodies Southern charm, wilderness, connectivity, and joy.


Chattanooga aims to be a bold, robust National Park City, where humanity and wildlife coexist in harmony, fueling our communities with vitality. Chattanooga isn't just close to nature; it's nature itself. Throughout more than 12,000 years of human settlement, the city and the people who call this bend in the river home have been a living testament to the ways that nature and urban living can and must be integrated. Even so, we have more to do to bring these assets within reach of everyone who calls this place home. As a National Park City, we are excited to commit to this work and share what we learn from it with the world. Our journey to National Park City status isn't a departure from our roots—it's a celebration of who we are.

Unrivaled Access to Nature:

Continuing Chattanooga's legacy, we pledge to guarantee everyone, regardless of age, race, or background, the chance to explore nature's wonders.

A Culture of Outdoor Activity:

Embed outdoor recreation in every neighborhood for all to enjoy physical, emotional, and social benefits.

Environmental Stewardship and Education:

Lead with education and action to protect nature for future generations.

Inclusive and Sustainable Development:

Work to make our growth sustainable, ensuring equitable access to our natural treasures.

Community and Cultural

Integrate arts and culture with nature, with each other, celebrating Chattanooga's diverse heritage.

Food and Agriculture:

Support sustainable practices for healthier communities and landscapes.

Arts and Creativity:

Showcase our Southern and historical traditions through local art, enriching our culture and landscapes.

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About this Initiative
About this Initiative

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